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What Is 3D Areola Tattooing?

Paramedical tattooing in the form of Micropigmentation, or needling deposits ink into the tissue (tattoo) The technique is 3D and the closest to a realistic nipple with dimension, natural color or correction of a previous tattoo done. 3D nipple tattooing is for survivors that are done with radiation and have gone under masectomy procedures & treatments. This can be done bilateral or lateral. Bilateral tattooing will give the desired look shape and color, or correction to previous work. Lateral tattooing will match the natural existing nipple to achieve the natural look. The realistic technique is done in one session, but touch ups are also available.

“To give back to the warriors that battle everyday and still smile to the world , is a priceless experience. The most confident women are the women that have battled breast cancer and to be part of their new journey has no price.”

The Most Professional & Caring Technicians

Our practitioner artist is highly qualified & trained to accommodate, explain and understand your needs. Our facility is equipped with a sterile room where the procedure will be done safely and privately. We upmost our services and care to clients with the highest quality of equipment and pigments for such procedures.

This procedure is non surgical, and effective on any kind of healed flat or slightly raised skin.

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Here are a few reference for some of our recent sessions with the strong women in our community.

Email us for more pictures or more information due to the private nature of this service.

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